Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jijnasa Live On Web

Jijnasa - an initiative under Center for Educational and Social Studies, CESS, Bangalore - is an effort to provoke and equip people to see things beyond the limited mainstream discourse on issues of national importance and seek solutions to contemporary issues facing the country.

In our continuous effort to reach out to people and bring them into the public discourse on issues facing India, we are constantly trying new ways to reach our audience. As a consequence, Jijnasa aims to use the interconnected virtual world's extensive reach.

Introducing, Jijnasa Live. We bring our events live to our audience across India.

To watch our Live stream:
  1. Go to our Facebook page
  2. Like our page.
  3. Select Jijnasa Live tab.
  4. Start Live stream.
Comment Policy:
  1. You can post your comments on our facebook page once you Like our page
  2. We request you to keep your comments clean. Please avoid abusive and personal comments.
  3. We request you to keep your comments to the topic. Off topic comments can be discussed in our main-page wall.
  4. Our moderators will be moderating comments.
We do believe that our audience are responsible and our comment moderators may not need to work hard on comment moderation.

Next Live Session details:

We invite you to join us for the Live Interactive Session with Prof R Vaidyanathan on June 28th at 6 PM. Please find all the details here.

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