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Jijnasa Interactive Session - 25 Aug 2013


An initiative under the aegis of
Centre for Educational and Social Studies (CESS) organizes

An interactive session with Madhu Purnima Kishwar, Senior Fellow, CSDS


Modi, Muslims and Media

Date: 25 Aug 2013
Time: 3:30PM

(Please be on time as mark of respect to fellow attendees)

Venue: Rashtrothana Yogic Sciences & Research Institute
Ajita Smruti, Near BSNL Telephone Exchange, 
36th Cross, 10th Main Road, 
Jayanagar 4th Block,
Bangalore - 560011



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Speaker Profile: 


Madhu Purnima Kishwar is Senior Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) - a social science research centre, based in Delhi. She is the director of the Indic Studies Project based at CSDS aimed at the study of diverse faith traditions and cultures in the Indic civilisation. 

She is the Founder Editor and publisher of Manushi - A Journal about Women and Society published since 1979. The Journal is run by a non-profit trust. Kishwar is also Founder President, Manushi Sangathan - a forum for research based advocacy and active interventions to strengthen human rights, women's rights and the culture of social justice in India. Madhu also authored and co-authored several books on a spectrum of topics concerning Indian society and women.

Note: This event will be webcast live on Jijnasa's Ustream Channel. For this event, Jijnasa is collaborating with other FB groups to webcast the event on multiple FB pages. Live Webcast can be watched over the following pages:

About Jijnasa:


The literal meaning of the word Jijnasa in Sanskrit is Inquiry. Jijnasa is a platform under the aegis of CESS, which is an effort to promote the quest for knowledge.
It is hard to obtain the company of the noble.
It is easy to obtain the company of the ignoble.
Pebbles are available in plenty; but it is hard to obtain the precious diamond.

India is not just a nation state but a civilization state. A civilization that prides itself for the spirit of inquiry, and is not based on a contrived belief system or historicity. A civilization that is firmly rooted in Dharma. A civilization that has much to offer and inspire the world.

However, our ignorance about ourselves is profound. It is therefore Jijnasa’s desire to invoke the spirit of inquiry, which can set people on the journey of self discovery. Its aim is to provoke and equip people to see things beyond the limited mainstream discourse on issues of national importance and seek solutions to contemporary issues facing the country.

It is important to understand ourselves before we can understand the issues around us. Enlightened individuals make for an assertive society, which has the womb to carry traditions along with modernity. Jijnasa’s attempt is to make fellow travelers discover the heterogeneity of the Indian traditions yet the cohesiveness that has stood us in good stead for several thousand years. At the core of Jijnasa, is the desire to build an innate ability to see the world from an exalted position, which is so essential for a country aspiring to play center stage in world affairs.

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  1. Madhuji, welcome and I am pleased to see you working over the issue very nicely. May God bless your sincerity and tireless efforts for the "Nation India" we all love so much. Narendra Bhai is a person, India has been blessed to resurrect itself from the age-old oppression. I fully agree with your observation that if UPA III
    gets in again, it will be BJP's own fault. I only
    hope that they will repair their faultlines as there is enough time. I have feeling, rightly or wrongly, BJP has taken her lessons from 2004 and 2009. If Advaniji can reinvent himself, rest will
    fall in line by itself.

    His resurrection out of the blue is bound to create few flutters but they will recede in time and I am hopeful that they will come out of it in flying colours. All the best...Good luck.