Monday, August 26, 2013

Jijnasa Interactive with Madhu Kishwar - Modi Muslims and Media - 25 Aug 2013

Jijnasa interactive session with Madhu Kishwar was organized on 25 Aug 2013 on the topic - "Modi Muslims and Media". In this session, she shared some of her findings from her research on Gujarat's model of governance.

With permission of Madhu Kishwar, we are posting the presentation slides she used during the session along with the complete video of the event.

Following presentation contains copyrighted material. All copyrights are reserved by Madhu Kishwar and Manushi. It is with express permission of Madhu Kiswhar that Jijnasa is posting this content here. Any individual or association using this information is required to seek approval from Madhu Kishwar and quote the source of the information as Madhu Kishwar and Manushi.

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  1. Wow. I am aghast. What we were spoon fed was all hogwash ? So Am I to believe all the internet rumours that 1700 crores being pumped into the media to go after Modi by the most influential oil producing country is true ?? But I wouldn;t blame them. I blame our country. Most of the country's problem is because of lack of - authenticity (or integrity ) and self discipline. The ones who lack these two traits but still want to be in power will always be against good people who operate with integrity.This article brings out this fact amply. Thank you for opening the country's eyes. But i am still apprehensive about how many people will actually read this article. I hope that this portends the end of motivated and false journalism.